10 Benefits of a 3D Interactive Product Manual

A product manual is an important part of customer service. A disappointing traditional 2D paper manual can take the focus away from your product and frustrate the end user. Creating a 3D interactive manual could give you several benefits, increasing use and building confidence in your product, company and brand.

1. Increase Comprehension

Giving your end users the ability to manipulate your model in 3D, seeing it from any angle they wish and zooming to areas of interest can improve the understanding of the procedure you are explaining. This can mean less misunderstandings, mistakes and ultimately means less product support is required thus a happier customer experience.

2. Modernise

The Internet of things is a hot topic at the moment,more and more people are looking at web based solutions for a lot of applications, why shouldn’t your technical communications be part of that? Showing your customers that you are a modern, forward thinking company.

3. Improve User Engagement

With animations, hotspots and interactive navigation the users interest will be maintained throughout the procedure. Unlike PDF or printouts which can often seem daunting or even so boring that the reader gives up after the first few pages. If the user finds the experience enjoyable, it builds brand loyalty making them more likely to look at you for future purchases.

4. Reduced Translation

You can rotate, zoom and animate your instructions which means less text is required and it is easier to understand by everyone. This in turn saves translation costs and saves printing multiple variants of the same thing.

5. Easy To Update And Maintain

Mistakes happen, as do design changes. In the past this may mean recreating a lot of pictures, or potentially a full recall. A cadasio project can be updated on the fly and the result is instantly reflected for the viewer.

6. Reuse Existing Assets

Your designers have already spent hours modelling your product in the CAD application, the last thing you want to do is to redraw pictures of those same models just for your manuals.

7. Competitive Edge

Interactive 3D assembly guides make use of relatively new technology, so there’s not many around. Going completely paperless may be a way off, but it is predicted to be the future. Getting in there early, complementing your existing manuals with a 3D experience could give you a valuable competitive edge.

8. More Sustainable

Rather than printing lots of pages, in multiple languages that may never even get read, and ultimately end up in the bin. A 3D interactive product manual can be viewed on a computer, tablet or phone on demand helping your business become greener.

9. Increase Traffic To Your Website

You want as many people to be going to your website as possible. If your end users are going to your site to view the service or assembly guides you have more opportunities to present them with other products that you sell or inform them of important news. Being able to measure how often the manuals are viewed can help you focus your efforts and there is also the added benefit that more traffic will help your site rank higher in search engines.

10. Reduce Time To Market

Since you are reusing your existing CAD data, there is no need to wait for the final product to be done so photos or videos can be taken. With cadasio you can start your technical communications earlier as projects can be updated from your CAD application to reflect any design changes that you make. With cadasio you can easily and quickly create a full 3D assembly procedure that you can share online with anyone. Not just limited to linear Step by Step instructions, you can create a fully interactive project which has links, animations and additional markup to really convey your product to your audience.

Create your Own Interactive Product Manual!

Interactive product manuals can offer up several advantages. No one wants to be reading confusing, low quality 2D images that are unfortunately all too common place. It is much easier and more appealing for your customers to interact with a visually appealing 3D manual. Want to make your own? You can create a cadasio account and be up and running in a matter of minutes for free!

Get Started!

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