cadasio roadmap

Product Road Map

Our team is working continually to get features implemented, tested and released. We are flexible in the direction of the software and your suggestions and feedback will help shape cadasio.

On average we release a new version every two weeks!

Since we are an online product we can react to your feedback and suggestions much quicker than traditional software. There are no time consuming upgrades for you to worry about, simply log in and you will always have the most up to date version.

Just a small sample of some of the current enhancements our development team is working on. This list will be updated periodically after significant milestones.

Q4 2020

Password protect projects SolidEdge addin SolidWorks addin Autodesk Inventor addin Autodesk Fusion 360 addin Onshape addin File version control V1 Camera orbit Step animations Pivot Points

Q1 2021

Tables Import more meta data Teams Environment Floating license Publish animations

Q2 2021

Import exploded views from CAD system Selection sets Overlays More toolbox symbols


Vector Output Decals and textures SketchUp Addin CREO Addin Update and replace individual components Decals and Textures Greater Rendering options Audio Toolbox Component Video Toolbox Component Dimensions Toolbox Component 2D Layout and save to PDF/Word CAD configurations

These are just a few that we plan to introduce in the future, however we always welcome your suggestions. If you have an idea that you would like to see in cadasio then please head over to the feature request area on our forum or contact us if you have a particular requirement.