Go Green with Cadasio

Companies around the world are gaining a deeper understanding of the importance of environmental sustainability and are looking for innovative, cost effective and modern ways to become more environmentally friendly.

A company's use of paper can have a huge impact on its carbon footprint, not just from the trees that are chopped down but from the fossil fuels, water and chemicals used for the actual production, printing and transportation.

Often they are discarded straight away, or product instructions are used once and then thrown in the bin. That is why more and more companies are turning to digital alternatives.

Interactive, 3D assembly and service instructions from Cadasio could help reduce your companies paper use. Since 3D is universal, you may not need to print multiple versions of the same instructions in different languages. Projects are easily changed or updated and shared online, making them very accessible and reducing costly reprints when your design changes or mistakes are made.

You can embed them on your own website, or within online documentation tools such as Adobe Robohelp which may mean you can go completely digital with your technical communications.

Try Cadasio today for free and see if you can modernise the way you deliver your instructions and save the planet at the same time!

Become Greener!