Tools we use

We were recently asked what tools we use on a daily basis to make Cadasio possible.

As a SAAS company, with workers sometimes working remotely, the tools we use are extremely important to us and need to be useful, flexible and reliable.

Whilst we make use of a lot of software, these are the ones we use the most, usually on a daily basis and we recommend them all highly.


An integrated development environment (IDE) is a software application that provides comprehensive facilities to computer programmers and is the heart of any software development.

Webstorm is billed as “the smartest Javascript IDE” and we could agree more. Members of the Cadasio team had used other IDEs in the past, but everyone felt instantly comfortable with Webstorms interface and features. Its powerful refactoring capabilities, intelligent code completion and on the fly error detection made coding a lot easier.

The extremely easy integration with GitHub ended up being an essential feature for us, as several team members had very little exposure to github and its commands. Being able to commit, checkout, create branches and compare history with a few simple clicks has been invaluable.

Microsoft Teams

We have team members based around Europe, so having a reliable method to communicate is vital for Cadasio to function correctly. Throughout development we used a few different messaging systems, starting with Skype but all too often got annoyed with the lack of features, cost or intermittent issues we faced.

Whilst we enjoy working together in an office environment where we can, when everyone started to get locked down due to Covid and with remote working becoming the norm we had to find something that was a lot more reliable for instant messaging, screen sharing and team meetings.

So far we have found it a lot more stable and reliable than other services. We have never had issues with our video or audio meetings and the screen share capabilities have been seamless. Its also been fantastic to use for meeting externally even with people who don't have teams, and the option to give control of your screen has been particularly useful when supporting some of our customers.

The integration with other Microsoft products has also been useful especially being able to share an Excel file and everyone see and work on it like you can with Google Docs.


ClickUp is a cloud-based collaboration and project management tool suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries. Having a project with multiple people working in different areas that all related and depend on each other is quite a challenge and managing it becomes crucial to make sure everyone is on the same page.

In the early days we started off using Asana, which is a great piece of software, but as the team and product grew we felt it didn’t quite do enough for us and after looking at a few different project management tools we settled on ClickUp due to its ease of use, fantastic feature set and its very reasonable pricing sold it to us straight away. The intuitive interface and great onboarding really set it out from the crowd which so often looked quite old fashioned or had a learning curve that would require us to dedicate time out of our busy day to get to grips with it.

As well as helping us plan the current projects we are working on, we also use it to track support issues and bugs, plan our marketing content creation and plan future enhancements coming to Cadasio. The Ghantt view is brilliant, allowing you to see what is upcoming and how they all relate with dependencies.


OK, so not technically a tool we use to create Cadasio, but one most of the team use daily whilst working and in their personal life so we couldn’t do without it. We love music at Cadasio, and find that when working it helps focus, gives us something to talk about and breaks the silence when working alone at home.

Everyone knows about Spotify, so no need to go into detail - but if it is of any interest we especially like the No Such Thing as a Fish and Romash Ranganathen podcasts.

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