Cadasio officially launches into Early Access

June 9, 2020

We are pleased to announce that we are officially releasing cadasio into Early Access. Revolutionise the way you deliver your technical communications by creating online, 3D, interactive instructions.

Powered by the latest WebGL technology, Cadasio hopes to introduce a new way of presenting your assembly and service instructions in 3D. Not only can this increase the comprehension of your product, it can help you become more sustainable by reducing printing costs.

It is easy to use and with addins available for the most popular CAD applications, you can repurpose your existing data. By leveraging existing product data, you can get to work on creating your technical communications earlier, reducing time to market, and also keep them up to date easily, with any changes being instantly reflected.

Throughout Early Access you can use Cadasio with all the benefits of the Professional package for free.

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