Onshape App now available!

We are pleased to announce that cadasio is now available in the Onshape App store.

With the cadasio app, you can create your 3D technical documentation right within your Onshape environment making it truly the complete all in one product development platform.

Onshape has revolutionised the way you can create and manage your CAD designs. It has been built from scratch using the latest cloud, web and mobile technologies to complement the way today's professional design teams really work. All the powerful features you would expect from a professional CAD system are present and we especially like its excellent built in version control that eliminates the need for traditional PDM systems.

Both Onshape and cadasio are cloud based platforms which do not require any downloads, installations or license codes. This frees up your IT team from laborious maintenance tasks and empowers you to spend more time designing.

But once you have used Onshape to create designs how are you going to create, present and deliver your technical communications? This is where the cadasio addin comes into play.

Working with cadasio and Onshape is flexible. If you work within Onshape and want to create an interactive document yourself then using the addin you can repurpose your CAD designs and create cadasio projects without ever leaving your Onshape workspace.

Alternatively, if someone else is responsible for your technical documentation, for example your marketing department or a dedicated technical author, you can choose to create the cadasio project from your Onshape design for them, and then leave them to create te documentation whilst letting you to get on with your design work. Since they will then be working directly with 3D models which can be manipulated, they can to get the look they exactly want, meaning they will no longer have to disturb the CAD engineers for screenshots.

You can save out high resolution images from cadasio on the fly, or get a zip file containing all your steps in one go. However, why settle for traditional 2D paper based outputs, when instead, in a single click you can publish your cadasio project online to share with anyone with a web browser, no matter if on a Windows PC, a Mac or a mobile device.

Design changes are bound to happen, and Onshapes version control tools help you manage these easily. If, however, you are still creating your technical documentation using 2D screenshots, photos or videos, it could be a very costly and time consuming experience to update them. If you have created a cadasio project using your Onshape data, you can easily update it with the latest version and all your previously created steps will update to reflect your design changes. Any published documents will be instantly updated, meaning your end users are always kept up to date.

Create a free cadasio account today, and then head on over to the Onshape App store to get the addin.

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