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Technocover enhances future production with online design platform Cadasio

October 2021

A specialist security products manufacturer is future proofing its production line with the help of online platform Cadasio.

Technocover manufactures a range of high-quality steel security products, such as enclosures, cages and covers, for clients including telecoms and utility providers.

With much of its manufacturing knowledge gained over the last 28 years residing within the production line workforce, the business recently embarked on a major programme to collate and share key processes.

Technocover design engineer, Nick Beddoes, explained: We quickly realised that reams of vital information such as complex fabrication and welding processes, cutting specifications and assembly techniques were being passed on from experienced employees to new starters but weren’t always being officially documented anywhere.

Technocover security products manufacturer

The challenge for us was to capture this information and make it not only available to a wider audience but also accessible to anyone learning the job.

Having modelled the assembly in SolidWorks, the CAD data was exported to Cadasio to create an immersive 3D experience, giving users the ability to pan, rotate and zoom around individual steps.

Nick said: “The concept of ‘show don’t tell’ is crucial when it comes to training on the production line and the beauty of Cadasio is that it brings techniques and processes to life in a way that written instructions and drawings will never be able to achieve.

The animations are also available to anyone with access to an internet connection, wherever they may be. Also key is that the software does not require high-spec powerful CAD spec PC’s – it will run on any PC, laptop, tablet or phone.

Businesses invest significant amounts on CAD technology but often fail to maximise all of its potential benefits. Cadasio is a great example of how agile, cloud-based software can take design applications that extra mile.

Technocover security products manufacturer

Nick and his team have initially completed 10 projects around assembly processes but, with the company being frequently called upon to handle one off and bespoke jobs, he expects the final number to be around 100. They will then look at rolling out Cadasio to other areas of the business such as the fast-growing modular building market.

Nick added: “Modular buildings are a relatively new area of work for us, but we can already see that Cadasio will have a number of applications when it comes to developing practical assembly guides both in the factory as well as out in the field, for such things as toolbox talk images or Installation guides for example.”

Cadasio director, Stephen Draper, said: “It’s a real pleasure working with Nicholas and the team at Technocover and it’s great they have recognised the potential of our software and what it’s capable of.”

About Technocover

Technocover have designed and manufactured innovative steel access products since September 1993. Thier experience and expertise have made them a highly trusted partner to a range of private and public bodies. Technocover's reputation today is as the UK’s leading supplier of certificated products that restrict access to vital assets, and their products protect many important and sensitive parts of the country’s critical national infrastructure.

Technocover security products manufacturer

Technocover is an approved Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) ISO 9001:2015 Quality (Cert No 450-QMS) and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental (Cert No 450-EMS) company. They also have a rigorous approach to health & safety, attested to by our ISO 45001:2018 (Cert No 02497) certification. These certifications demonstrate Technocover's ongoing commitment to maintaining the highest possible standards and give thier customers the added reassurance of knowing that the goods and services provided have been independently tested against strict criteria.

About Cadasio

Cadasio is pioneering a new way of presenting 3D assembly and service instructions online. Existing CAD data can be imported directly via addins for popular applications such as Onshape, SolidWorks, Inventor, Fusion 360 and Solid Edge. For more information, please visit:

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