Tomcat Trikes

Trike manufacturer is on the right track after switch to Cadasio

August 2021

A manufacturer of trikes for people with learning and sensory issues has streamlined its assembly process after signing up for online design platform, Cadasio.

Tomcat, which was set up in 1998 to enable people with learning or sensory impairments to cycle, manufactures up to 700 bespoke trikes per year from its UK headquarters near Gloucester.

Prior to choosing Cadasio, the company had used alternative software to create bespoke assembly instructions but became frustrated by the cost and time required to make multiple changes to files.

Production manager, Robert Smith, explained: All of our trikes are custom built to order, which means no two assembly instructions are the same. To ensure a trike is built exactly to the client’s specification we needed a flexible, and cost-effective solution.

After researching the market, Robert chose Cadasio thanks to its low cost, user-friendly interface and ability to integrate with existing design software. Each time a new order is received, a CAD file is created in SolidWorks, which is then uploaded to Cadasio to create a step-by step 3D animation that engineers on the production line can access via a tablet.

Tomcat Trikes - manufacturing trikes for people with learning and sensory issues

Robert said: Implementing Cadasio has not only delivered significant cost savings but its intuitive user interface has also saved us a considerable amount of time and effort when creating individual assembly guides.

Another area that has been positively impacted by Cadasio is Tomcat’s after sales service. Prior to signing up with the online platform, distributors and customers with any maintenance or repair issues were sent written instructions, accompanied by annotated photos, which were time consuming to create and often challenging to understand.

Robert added: Cadasio has transformed this part of the business for us. It’s super quick and easy to create an animation that clearly shows a customer exactly how to tackle any maintenance or repair job required with the trike.

Cadasio director, Stephen Draper, said: We are proud to support a great business like Tomcat - their aim to ensure no one feels confined within the four walls of home has never been more important or relevant. We’re looking forward to working with Robert and the team to further develop how they use our software to meet the needs of their customers.

About Tomcat

Tomcat was created out of the desire to help just one little boy experience the joy, normality and freedom of exploring the outdoors on wheels. Tomcat’s founder, Bob Griffin quickly discovered that no other company manufactured trikes of the right design to properly support physical disabilities. It began a journey of discovery and invention that’s spanned more than two decades and resulted in creating life-changing solutions for over 10,000 people of all ages.

Tomcat’s 25 years of innovation make it possible for children and adults with learning difficulties, physical disabilities or emerging mobility problems to move more easily. Their British-made trikes look great, support individual needs and enable long-lasting enjoyment of life.

Tomcat Trikes - twice Queen’s Award Winner manufacturer of disability trikes

Tomcat is the UK’s only truly custom built, twice Queen’s Award Winner manufacturer of disability trikes. At Tomcat, virtually every component has been designed and made from scratch with over 40 purpose-built innovations to maximise comfort, support and usability

About Cadasio

Cadasio is pioneering a new way of presenting 3D assembly and service instructions online. Existing CAD data can be imported directly via addins for popular applications such as Onshape, SolidWorks, Inventor, Fusion 360 and Solid Edge. For more information, please visit:

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