Adding Links

Did you know you can create links within your cadasio project? These links could be internal, meaning you don’t have to stick with a linear progression of your project, or also external, linking to custom websites. This tech tip goes through what you need to know.

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Chances are you have already been using links within your project, you just didn’t realise it. Links are quick and easy to apply, and are split into several types. They are all managed from the link properties found by choosing the link button on the general tab of your property bar.

Object Links

When an object link is created, the linked object will move automatically with the object it is linked too.

A object link is created automatically when you place a 2D toolbox item on an existing 3D object, however you can can also add object links at a later date and between 3D objects.

Property Links

You can populate a 2D text object with a particular property. If it does not have an object link then you can link to the step name, description or number.

If it is linked to a 3D object then you can populate the text with data from the 3D object such as its name or item number.

On Click Links

On click links occur when the viewer clicks on your object. The object maybe a 2D or 3D item, and we have different types of on click links. In order to see the effect of on click links you need to be in view mode (keyboard shortcut V).


Toggles the visibility of other items. This could save you from creating steps just to show/hide an object.


When the user clicks an object with a step link, that step will automatically be activated. This means you can make your own custom navigation and it does not have to be in a linear order. You can choose to navigate to specific steps in your current project or even link to external project of yours.


Link to an external web page with an URL link. A new browser tab will be opened at the address specified.

Lets see an example

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