Animation Options

Seeing your product animate between steps or even animating to bring attention a particular feature can really help engage your end users and bring your project to life. In this tech tip we will take a look at the different options you have when animating in Cadasio.

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By default Cadasio animates most properties when you change steps. Usually this is a linear transition between two values. So for example if you move a component and save a step you will see the component animate between the two locations when you change steps. You can change this behaviour, changing the overall speed, style or even having no animation all together.

Step Animation Duration

Perhaps the easiest animation option to set is to set the speed at which the animation take place for a particular step. When you create a new step or open the settings of an existing step you can set the animation duration.

Since you can set steps with different speeds, it is worth noting that the animation speed is applied when that particular step is activated.

Object Animations

Both toolbox and CAD objects in your scene have animation properties. If you choose an object, click the general tab on the property bar.

You can then choose animations and the animation dialogue box will appear.

The animations are split into several categories which are detailed below. Click a button to preview the behaviour.

On Show

Animations that take place when an objects visibility changes from hidden to shown. Some options are only available for 2D toolbox items.

On Hide

The animation type that will be used when the objects visibility changes from shown to hidden. Some options are only available for 2D toolbox items.

Visibility Behaviour

For 2D items only. This determines whether 2D objects will be hidden/shown before all other animations take place (separate) or at the same time (parallel). This can help avoid your project looking confusing or messy if you have lots of toolbox items with leaders and the camera is moving between steps.

On Move

When an object has moved from one position to another, you have the following animation types:


Attention animations start to play after the step has been activated and all other animations have finished. They will continue to run until the step changes. You wont see these unless you are in view mode (keyboard shortcut V). Some of the animations are only applicable to 2D objects.

If you have a question regarding animatio, or perhaps you have a suggestion for a feature you would like to see implemented in Cadasio then please head over to the Cadasio forum and ask a question or contact us.

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