Creating Projects

You have decided you want to create some fantastic fully interactive instructions from your CAD data and you have signed up for Cadasio, but now you are wondering what to do. There are two main methods to create projects in Cadasio, the first is using one of our CAD addins, the second is through the dashboard. This guide will run through both methods.

If you prefer you can check out the video instead.

Method 1 - CAD Addins

If you are using one of the supported CAD systems, the best way to create a project is using one of our purpose built addins. Whilst all the addins work in a similar fashion there are subtle differences in the interfaces so you will want to choose the appropriate system from the images below to be taken to a download page which also has further installation and usage instructions.

solidworks logo autodesk inventor logo solidEdge logo autodesk fusion logo onshape logo

Using the addins has the advantage of being able to update your Cadasio projects when your design changes, meaning less rework!

Method 2 - Dashboard

You can also create projects from within the dashboard. The dashboard is your starting point after you log into Cadasio. First make sure you are on the projects tab ( 1 ), located on the left, and then simply click the create project button ( 2 ), bottom right.

You will be presented with the create project interface, in which you are required to enter a few details. A lot of the details can be changed later by editing the project.

Project Name

Required. This will be the name of your new project.


Optional. Help further identify your projects with a description.

Default Toolbox

Here you can choose the category and set that will be active by default when opening the project in the designer. For more information check out our guide to toolboxes.

Viewer Navigation Overlay

An optional interface to help your viewers navigate through your project. If you choose not to have any you will need to manually add links between steps. Read our blog article about links for further information.


Choose how to treat components that contain multiple bodies. You can either merge them into a single part or treat them as an assembly.

CAD Data

Click the add button to be presented with a browse dialogue box where you can browse to a supported file type that will be used in your project.

After you click create, your file will be uploaded and you will be taken back to the dashboard. When you upload a file, it needs to be converted so that it can be shown within Cadasio and on the web. The time taken for this conversion will vary depending on file size and the complexity of your models. Your new project will display the progress of its conversion and you will be emailed when it has completed.

When the project has been successfully created, hover over it and several icons will appear.

Goto Designer

Open your project up in the designer where you can start to create steps.

Open Project

Open the project to change settings, view its steps and publish it.

Copy Project

Make a copy of this project to save you uploading it again. You can choose to include any steps you have created or not.


Delete the project. A confirmation will show, however please be warned that once deleted you cannot undo it.

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