Tech Tip: Navigation Links

See how to create links between steps to create a nonlinear workflow within your project

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By default, when you view a cadasio project, you get the standard navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. This is ideal if you just want a quick and simple way to navigate your project.

As the user progresses through your project they will advance in a linear fashion, working their way through your steps in the order they appear in the projects' Steps Manager.

A faint shaded area will show in the designer to indicate where the project navigation will appear when in the viewer. This is great as it will help you position your objects correctly, so they don’t get hidden by it.

You can also go into View mode, by pressing the keyboard shortcut V, to see the navigation properly.

The first thing you may not be aware of is the ability to set the next and previous steps for a particular step. Simply edit a steps settings, and you will be able to choose where the user will go when they progress, or go back a step.

However, you may not want to use the default project navigation at all, in which case you can hide the navigation overlay by editing the projects options and setting it to none.

If you do switch it off, you will need to manually create links to navigate between my steps, otherwise your viewer will not be able to progress past the first step! Fortunately, this is really easy to do, you can add links to any 2D or 3D object in cadasio.

Simply choose the object you wish to link, in this example I am using a text toolbox item that has been styled to look like a button, then on the Property Bar, go to General, links.

From here you can add a link that occurs when this item is clicked whilst in view mode. Go to the On Click tab of the links dialogue that has appeared, choose Step as the link type, and I can choose the step like I wish to link to from the current project. It is worth noting that you can also link to steps in other projects too!

Since this is a change in property to the toolbox 2D object you will want to update your step. You will not be able to see the results of this new link whilst in the designer, unless you go into view mode (V) but when you do you will see that clicking the linked text takes you to the desired step.

Now of course you may need to add some useful features like a back or home button and these are done in exactly the same way, and don’t forget it does not have to be text that you are linking, images work the same too. It is also worth knowing that cadasio does have a library of navigation images in the toolbox that you may find useful.

Finally, it is not just toolbox 2D items that can be linked, 3D objects can be linked too!

If you want to see the final project live in action, check out the link below.