Reordering Steps

Reordering steps is something that you will undoubtedly have to do at some point when creating your projects. Since you will probably bring your assemblies in fully assembled, quite often when you create your Cadasio projects you will create your steps in reverse as its just easier to do so or perhaps you just made a mistake. Whatever the reason reordering is easy and can be done in a number of ways. In this tech tip we are going to look at the different methods you have for reordering your steps.

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Reversing Steps

You can reverse all the steps in your project in a single click. The tool is found on the steps manager, in the bottom right hand corner. Simply click it and you will reverse the order of all your steps.

This is extremely quick and easy, but after doing this your step names may not make too much sense as they will be counting the wrong way. Rather than manually changing all the step names individually, which would take a significant amount of time, we can instead rename them all in one go by clicking the rename icon.

With this you can choose a prefix, delimiter and start number. You can also choose whether to rename all the steps or just a range

Manual Reordering

If you want to just move a couple of steps, then you can also manually reorder them. Again in the steps manager, hover over the step you want, and then left click and drag it into position. Let go when you are happy with its new position. It is also worth noting that the above actions can also be performed from the dashboard too. Simply open your project and click the Steps tab as shown below.

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You can now directly create and update Cadasio projects from within Fusion 360

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You can now directly create and update Cadasio projects from within Fusion 360

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