January 2021 Release Notes

On average we update cadasio every 2 weeks, here's some of the updates, enhancements and bug fixes that where fixed this month. Don't forget you can get an overview of all the releases by visiting our change log.

Do you have a suggestion that would make cadasio better? Or perhaps you have spotted a pesky bug that is annoying you? Head over to our forum or alternatively message support.

Table Builder

We got feedback about our original part tables not being flexible enough, so we have retired them and built a whole new Table Builder! This is found on a new tools tab on the left hand side. From here you can create a table, add rows and columns, reorder etc. When used in the viewer, the table will highlight the appropriate objects when clicked. As always, we are looking for feedback on this new functionality so we can ensure it meets everyone's needs, head over to our forum or contact us with any suggestions.

Meta Properties

To compliment the new Table builder, we now support meta properties. You can also add, delete and edit these meta properties yourself on a component basis. Find the Meta Properties icon on the property bar. Our SolidWorks, Inventor and SolidEdge addins export meta properties, and we will be adding this functionality to Onshape in the very near future.

Other Improvements

Updated Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

We have made changes to our Terms of Use as well as our Privacy Policy. Existing users will be asked to read them when they next log in.

Hide / Show Linked Toolbox Objects

Often when you hide an object you will want any linked toolbox item to go with it. New options in the selector allow this to occur automatically for both hiding and showing items.

Tighter GUI

We have tighten up the Selector and Toolbox and Tools Tabs so that they are a bit cleaner and smaller.

Bug Fixes

Thanks to everyone that raised bugs. Spotted something wrong that you want fixed? Head over to our forum or message support.

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