November 2020 Release Notes

On average we update cadasio every 2 weeks, here are some of the updates, enhancements and bug fixes that have been implemented this month. Please remember you can get an overview of all the releases by visiting our change log.

Do you have a suggestion that would make cadasio better? Or perhaps you have spotted a pesky bug that is annoying you? Head over to our forum or alternatively message support.

Select and Edit Multiple Steps

You can now select multiple steps in the Steps Manager and manipulate them, such as changing their behaviour, all in one go!

Update with Selected Objects / Scene / Camera

Simply preselect the objects you which to use, open the steps manager, and then just update steps with selected. If you have nothing selected you can update with the entire scene! You will also notice a new icon that allows you to update just the camera of the selected steps with the current orientation.

Camera Orbit

You can now get the camera to orbit around your scene. On the camera tab, choose animate to bring up the options and then switch it on. You can also set its speed. Please note you will only notice the effects of this when in view mode, or when viewing a published project.

Other Improvements

Step Level Options

Rather than having to change object animation settings individually, you can now do it on a per step basis. New options are now available when saving or updating a step. Any objects whose animation is set to "Default" will automatically use these settings. Of course you can override them on individual components to mix and match.

Select Siblings

Found on the selector toolbox, this will select all components that are at the same level as the one(s) you already have selected. This only applies to 3D objects.

Select Twins

Found on the selector toolbox, this will select all instances of a component that are at the same level as the one(s) you already have selected. This only applies to 3D objects.

Animate Steps When in Design Mode Option

By default, cadasio will automatically animate between steps when you are in design mode. Some users felt that this could slow them down, so we have now made it optional. Simply go to the cadasio logo in the top left - Options - Misc- and untick " Animate steps when in design mode". Of course your steps will still animate in view mode or when in the viewer.

Camera Animation Option

Sometimes you may get in a situation where you don't want the camera to animate between steps. You can now set it to have no animation and it will just instantly snap into position.

Snap to Origin When Drawing Lines and Arrows

Hold Shift down when drawing a 3D line or 3D arrow to snap to the components origin.

Selection Appearance Tweeked

The appearance of selected components has been modified to make it easier to see the effect of changing properties such as edge thickness and colour.

Bug Fixes

Thanks to everyone that reported bugs. Have you spotted something wrong that you want fixed? Head over to our forum or message support.

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