Solidworks Addin Now Available!

We are happy to announce that our purpose built Solidworks addin is now available. The free addin will make it easy to create Cadasio projects directly within your SolidWorks environment.

Cadasio projects are easily shared, allowing you to present your SolidWorks models in full 3D online, and communicate assembly and service procedures. Since your project will have been created using the SolidWorks addin, you can update the project, including all its steps, to reflect any design changes you make. These changes can be instantly reflected online to your end users, meaning they are never out of date and saving you reprint costs.

It is really quick and easy to install, and full instructions can be found on our CAD addin page.

Get the app !

Got a question about the addin? You can ask a question on the Cadasio forum or contact us directly.

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