December 2020 Release Notes

On average we update cadasio every 2 weeks, here's some of the updates, enhancements and bug fixes that have been fixed this month. Don't forget you can get an overview of all the releases by visiting our change log.

Do you have a suggestion that would make cadasio better? Or perhaps you have spotted a pesky bug that is annoying you? Head over to our forum or alternatively message support.

Triad Placement v1

By default the triad appears at the origin of the object you have selected, or at the centre of the bounding box when multiple items are selected. You can now place it wherever you want. This allows you to translate and rotate around a particular point. Better yet the translation is captured when animating. We will be looking at improving this further to allow you to easily pick edges in the near future.

To activate triad placement, hold down shift when you have an object selected, or click the new button in the Transform Interface.

Transform Interface

Previously some of the transform tools where hidden away. A new tab has been added on the left hand side to hold all the transform tools and make it more obvious the tools you have available. We have also move the triad options from the Selector.

Additional Positioning Controls

Alot of the time you just need to move your components by eye, but sometimes you may want a bit more control. New controls to move and rotate components can be found on the Transform Tab as well as a new Position tab for individual components on the Property Bar

Other Improvements

Active Step More Obvious

To help you find your currently active step quicker in the Steps Manager the border has been made thicker and it now focuses on it when opening up.

Better Addin Feedback

All the addins have been improved to provide better feedback when creating and udating projects

SolidEdge Addin

Option to centre bodies. To keep it inline with our other addins you can now choose to centre bodies.

Bug Fixes

Thanks to everyone that raised bugs. Spotted something wrong that you want fixed? Head over to our forum or message support.

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